774.8 thousand  square km 2  the area of the region

2 424,4 thous.


$ 24,8 billion 


171 billion rubles.

The volume  of capital investments

Irkutsk region - the territory of opportunities!

Irkutsk region is located in East Siberia. The region stretches for 1450 km from north to south and 1318 km from west to east.  Various natural resources are mined and produced in the territory of Irkutsk region, such as brown and hard coal, iron ore, gold, common salt, raw ingredients for cement and facing materials production, refractories, white clay, gypsum etc. Irkutsk region is a large industrial area. It contributes 6.5% of all Russia's electricity, 15% of exported commercial wood, 6% of coal, nearly 20% of cellulose, over 10% of cardboard, and about 9% of processed oil products.

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Creation of a favorable investment environment is a priority mission of regional authorities, since Irkutsk region already has all opportunities for proactive development.  Its unique geopolitical position, rich natural resources, localization of large-scale industrial production facilities and research centers create the necessary prerequisites for implementation of massive projects in knowledge-intensive industries of the region's economy.  The region intends to deploy a backbone network of industrial clusters, which calls for infrastructural integration with Krasnoyarsk region and Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, as well as revitalization of small aircraft industry of Buryatia Republic, Zabaikalskiy region and Irkutsk region, and formation of the inter-regional tourism cluster "The Baikal Ring".

We are open toward cooperation, offering strong adherence to our obligations and preparedness to implement the most daring and large-scale projects in the region's territory.


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